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In Memoriam – Rita Argiros

“The world just lost a force of nature”

She was born in Suffern, New York on August 26, 1957 to Anthony E. (Tony) Argiros and Rita E. (Betty) Argiros. She earned a B.A., M.A. and PhD from Binghamton University and served on the faculty of SUNY Cortland and later St. Cloud State University in Minnesota. She was a specialist in immigration and race relations. In addition to her published scholarship she worked on several projects with the Minnesota NAACP. In 2000 she accepted the position of Executive Program Director at The Family Foundation School which had been founded by her parents. During that time she mentored many students, she helped reshape the practices and procedures of the school and founded the Dog Corps Program.

A passionate dog lover, Rita took up the practice of search and rescue and became a search and rescue dog handler. She was the Founder and President of Eagle Valley Search Dogs and she was the K9 coordinator for the New York State Federation of Search and Rescue Teams.

She is survived by husband Sidney F. Parham, her mother Betty Argiros, a sister Ann Marie Janauer and a brother Mike Argiros. She is survived by her son, Alex Carroll and two stepdaughters Sarah Lichty, and Maggie Cichosz and her grandchildren Sydney and Avery Lichty and Beatrix Cichosz and many nieces and nephews. She was preceded in death by her father, Anthony E. Argiros.

Calling hours will be held on Thursday, September 24, 2015 from 5-8PM at the Henderson-Biedekapp Funeral Chapel, Hancock. A funeral mass will be held on Friday, September 25, 2015 at 10:30 AM at St. Paul’s Church, Hancock, NY.

In lieu of flowers, gifts may be sent to: Eagle Valley Search Dogs 11 Yankee Lake Road Wurtsboro, NY 12790.

To the SAR Community:

It would be Rita’s joy to see the SAR Community at her funeral on Friday in their team uniform.  Please come and help us celebrate Rita’s life and join us at a luncheon afterwards.

Our puppy trainees…

Storm Von Schloss Berge, “Storm”
Black German Shepherd female – 6 months old
Handler – Diana Bzik
“Named after the comic book cartoon in X-men.  She has a small white stripe on her chest which reminds us of a lightening bolt.  I chose “Storm” because of her relentless pursuit of her toy…intense play drive..and her willfulness, but most importantly her ability to think.  Even at 9 weeks old I could see her little brain analyzing and studying.  When this little girl wants something, she is going to figure out how to get it which is ideal for search for work.  She started her Air Scent search training at 11 weeks old with fun runaway hide and seek games. Now she has progressed to short problems, finding someone out of sight. She is relentless for her squirrel toy and will climb anywhere for it. Storm has recently taken a love for swimming and is a fanatic for playing fetch. She has a ton of energy and is always on the go!”
Annika vom Kugelblitz CGC CA, “Annika”
German Shepherd female – 1 year old
Handler – Jennifer Culver

“April of 2014 K9 Raina of EV Search Dogs gave birth to 7 puppies bound for great things. So far 14 months later, I have yet to be disappointed. vom Kugelblitz “A” litter has 4 puppies currently in SAR, 2 in dual purpose police homes and 1 in an AKC obedience home. K9 Annika is maroon girl, and the runt of the litter that I kept back. This little girl had a ton of fight in her and when i thought we may loose her, and she pulled through I knew she had my heart.

Annika is in training for Airscent SAR and IPO. After taking a break over the last 8 months and focusing on obedience and tracking she is back at her air scent work and its like we never stopped. Once we solidify her complete find, refind sequence in which she locates her subject, comes back and finds me, barks repeatedly till told show me and then re finds her subject doing the whole sequence over and over till I am with the subject, we will start her testing! 2 of her littermates on Amigo SAR dogs have already passed 3 of the 5 certification tests, and Annika will be no different. I’m proud of all my SAR dogs, but what makes me even more proud of Annika is that I produced her, she is a product of my breeding, and like her mother, father, and all the other SAR dogs in the house she is handled, owned, and trained exclusively by me. This little girl just may be the one to carry on the vom Kugelblitz line.”

white German Shepherd Dog male – 1 yr old
Handler – Robert Langendoen
sable German Shepherd Dog female – 6 months old
Handler – Rita Argiros

Running trails with students

At a recent joint training with Allynwood Academy students, EVDOG’s Trailing K9 – Eme, enjoyed a great day of running trails with (and after!) some high school students.  Here is Eme with her handler, Jenn Culver & participating students.


The students are members of a special ‘club’ at Allynwood – the Dog Corps, and regularly train with members of Eagle Valley.   We enjoy working with the students – they make excellent ‘lost’ subjects for the live find dogs, willing to hide in the woods and enthusiastically play with the dogs after the find.  Our more experienced students step in as flankers in the field while we train any one of our dogs.  They all regularly attend Dog Training classes at Allynwood, and receive specialized training to equip them for Search & Rescue field operations.


To learn more about the Dog Corps program, please visit the Allynwood Academy CHAT blog.